La empresaria detrás de Tresso Café - Líderes Mexicanos

The businesswoman behind Tresso Café - Líderes Mexicanos

Celebrating the feminine power behind the essence of TRESSO® !

In a world where coffee is not only a drink, but an art that is enjoyed in every sip, the vision and dedication of Eda Sampieri Tress, CEO and founder of TRESSO® has led this brand to conquer the hearts of coffee lovers in Mexico and the world. But behind this extraordinary success, there is an even more powerful story: the story of an exceptional team of women.

In this month dedicated to celebrating the strength, resilience and achievement of women, TRESSO® would like to pay tribute to all those who defy expectations and contribute their leadership to every facet of life. They are women who not only seek their own progress, but also drive the advancement of society as a whole.

The team of women that collaborates in TRESSO® is the engine that drives excellence every step of the way. Their dedication, passion and skills are the spark that guarantees that each process is carried out with the highest quality, allowing us to enjoy exceptional cups of coffee, tea and herbal teas.

Eda Sampieri Tress, inspired by her deep knowledge of coffee and her desire to offer the national market a coffee of supreme quality, founded TRESSO® . His transcendental vision has led the way in bringing exceptional Mexican coffee to the cups of those who appreciate exquisiteness in every sip.

This month, and every day, we recognize and applaud the crucial role women play in the creation, innovation and success of TRESSO® . Their dedication and leadership are the very essence of this brand, making each cup of TRESSO® is a masterpiece, infused with the strength and grace of the woman behind it.

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