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  • 1. New Moon Milk Collection

    Relaxation with every sip!

    Inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of drinking warm milk with herbs and spices before bed, which can help enhance sleep and rest.

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  • 2. Stainless Steel Bottle

    Stainless steel bottle ideal to carry your tea or herbal tea, it keeps the heat for 4 hours and now you can personalize it with a laser

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  • 3. Honey Bee

    Discover a delicious way to sweeten your drinks with our completely natural liquid honey.

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100% guaranteed non-spill travel glass

Take your favorite drink with you without worries! Our spill-proof travel tumbler is your perfect companion. With a 100% guarantee, you'll enjoy your drinks on the go without stains or spills. Get yours today and travel with peace of mind!

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Let yourself be surprised by the unique flavors and aromas of our freshly roasted, internationally awarded coffees.


You can also find our line of roasted coffees at:

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Limited Time

Immerse yourself in the world of Veracruz coffee with our special winter collection. Discover intense flavors and enveloping aromas.

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Tresso® Accessories

Laser engraving

Take your favorite drink everywhere with our stainless steel bottle. Personalize it with an exclusive laser engraving.

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Double-walled stainless steel thermos

Keep your drinks hot or cold longer with our double-walled stainless steel thermos. Designed to last and maintain temperature, it is the ideal companion for your daily routine. Enjoy your favorite drink anytime, anywhere!

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Tresso® accessories

The best Gifts

Enjoy the medicinal and relaxing properties of our artisan herbal teas. Choose from our variety of flavors and natural ingredients.

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Balance Tisane

Balance is an herbal tea with intention, designed so that any woman can achieve well-being, it is designed with natural ingredients that in synergy promote body balance, activating the metabolism, balancing daily stress and restoring energy.

Ideal for women's health, in collaboration with Nutritionist Alejandra Toledo Vilchis.


Practical, functional, beautiful and attracting positive energy due to its rose quartz.🩷

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