Eda Sampieri Tress y el origen de Tresso

Eda Sampieri Tress and the origin of Tresso

Welcome to the story behind the exceptional scent of Tresso!

With a passion rooted in the coffee tradition of Veracruz, Eda Sampieri Tress , director and founder of TRESSO® , carries in her DNA the legacy of generations dedicated to coffee cultivation. However, his journey to founding this renowned brand was not just an act of family continuity, but a passionate response to a crucial observation.

In a telling moment, Eda noticed that a large portion of the quality coffee produced in Mexico was being exported, leaving a void in the domestic market. It was then that he decided to take the reins and contribute to filling that space, offering excellent Mexican coffee to the local market.

The seed of TRESSO® germinated in Eda's heart as she immersed herself in the fascinating world of coffee. Attending national and international exhibitions, absorbing knowledge and understanding the nuances of quality, Eda gradually became an expert in the field. It was this progressive immersion that inspired her to found Tresso in 2016, with the firm purpose of sharing the richness and incomparable flavor of Mexican coffee with the world.

In this story, tradition rooted in the family's coffee-growing roots is intertwined with an innovative and bold vision. The creation of Tresso is not only a tribute to the family legacy, but a testament to Eda's commitment to elevating the quality of national coffee and taking it beyond borders, conquering palates and hearts in every cup.

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