Refund and/or Return Policies

Due to the demand for certain products, TRESSO® may be delayed in the standard delivery time without prior notice. If a purchase of any item(s) was made in this situation, TRESSO® will contact its client by telephone and/or mail to give them to know the updated status of the shipment and the customer can decide whether to wait for the new delivery date or request a refund.

In case of environmental contingency or work overload in the parcel service due to dates such as good ending, the delivery time may also vary more than normal.

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with a purchase, we invite you to review our returns and refunds policy. The following terms apply to any products you have purchased from us.


At TRESSO®️ what matters most to us is the satisfaction of our customers. If the products are not delivered in good condition (open, broken bags, broken bottles due to poor original packaging) we undertake to replace the products, depending on the case, only payment for shipping may be requested and the replacement of the products is the responsibility of our account. The case must be analyzed by the corresponding department and photographic and/or video evidence as well as a description of the facts will be requested. If this is the case, please contact us via WhatsApp : 273 143 1551 and/or by phone: 273 73 4 28 30, 31 or 33.
The maximum response time is 30 calendar days.
These cases must be reported immediately if the product is received in poor condition since after 7 days of receipt this guarantee is void.


If you did not like the product or by mistake you purchased the same product twice, you can request a refund (if you have received the product, the request must be made immediately after receipt since after xx days it will not be may process). If this is the case, please contact us via WhatsApp: 2731431551 and/or by telephone: 2737342830, 31 or 3 and an advisor will support you during the process.

IMPORTANT! Customized products are not cancelable, because TRESSO has already incurred the customization cost.

It is very important that you keep in mind that the time it takes to process a refund will depend on the payment method used, in the following table you will find more information:

Payment method

Estimated time to make the refund request from TRESSO

Estimated time to process the refund by the payment platform

Directly with TRESSO by transfer, deposit at the window or deposit in Oxxo

Maximum 30 calendar days



Maximum 10 calendar days

Maximum 30 calendar days

Payment market

Maximum 10 calendar days

Between 3 and 31 business days


Maximum 10 calendar days

Between 1 and 20 business days


Maximum 10 calendar days

Between 1 and 20 business days

If the payment method was directly with TRESSO, by transfer, the funds will be returned to your original payment method. In the case of deposits or Oxxo you will have to provide the bank details of an account that can be deposited in Oxxo.

If you have used an intermediary as a payment method, the funds will be refunded according to the policies of the payment platforms used.